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Caroline War (1369-1389)

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The Caroline War was the second period of the Hundred Years' War. On the French side were the Kingdom of France, the County of Flanders, the Duchy of Burgundy, Duchy of Brittany, and the Castilian Crown, fighting against the French were the Kingdom of England and it vassals.

So, after the ending of the first phase of the Hundred Years' War (Edwardian War), King Edward III renounced his claims to the French throne in the Treaty of Bretigny. A few years later, the English gained a foothold in Brittany in 1365 (War of the Breton Succession). In Castile, Peter the Cruel was brought back to the Castilian throne by the English. However, Peter could not repay the English. In Aquitaine, Richard, The Black Prince raised the taxes. The complaints by the people were ignored so they turned to Charles V of France.

This is important because it started to help France gain a foothold and to eventually win the 100 Years' War, that actually lasted 116 years.

Below is the Anointing of Pope Gregory XI and the Battle of Pontvallian from Froissart's Chronicles. This was a major battle in the Caroline War.


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